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The filing of a first patent application in order to at least protect the initial concept, through development of the Idea or Invention using creativity with the aid of powerful Computer Aided Design (CAD) software (see "The Underwater Wheelchair) followed by filing of improved Patent Applications, and, eventually, filing of a final Definitive Patent Application which describes the  developed Idea or Invention, and which will hopefully go through the Patent System to give rise to a Granted Patent.

However, you are advised to investigate matters first, and the first thing to do is to determine whether or not you could be wasting time, effort, and money, by following an Idea or Invention which is already known.

Moreover, if your searches find nothing which is in conflict with your Idea or Invention, that could just be because you either have not found it, or it is still in the so-called Patent-Pipeline.  This is my expression; coined many years ago, when I compared the existence of intellectual property that had not yet been made public (because it had been filed in the form of a patent application which was still going through the process of Examination at the Intellectual Property Office) and contained material inside a pipeline which could not be seen until it had left that pipeline. 

But please note that searches carried out via the Internet can lead to your idea or invention becoming known, so please refer to Patent Searches, before carrying out any such searches. 


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