This can be done over the phone or in written form.  An initial telephone conversation is free, provided we learn nothing about the actual Idea or Invention, which must be learned about after a signed Confidentiality Undertaking has been provided by us, and a full explanation of our woking methods has been provided for you.


A free telephone conversation involving your idea or Invention can be undertaken in order to provide you with as much knowledge as you wish, before we learn about your actual Idea or Invention.

So, please do not provide any details of your Idea or Invention until we have established Terms of Reference. 


When we know what your Idea or Invention is about but not what it is; for example, if it is a new Kettle, then all we need to know about your idea or Invention is just that; we can then decide how to proceed.


The first essential is for you to receive a written and posted, signed Confidentiality Undertaking from us, after we have provided you with some of the various alternative options that we provide for Inventors about their Idea or Invention.

We will need a telephone number and an address, so please refer to "Contact Us".

We look forward to being of service to you.


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